In retail, your point of sale (POS) is the backbone of your business. You can have great staff, the right stock, and be in a wonderful location, but if you don’t have a solid system to manage your data and handle orders and transactions, you (and your customers) will be endlessly frustrated.

Upgrading to a new POS can be much easier and affordable than you think—and with the right software provider it can be a seamless transition with little if any downtime too.

So if your current system is letting you down or holding you back, it’s time to look at your options. In this article we share five telltale signs the time is right to upgrade.

1) There are regular bugs and glitches

These days we rely on technology in so many ways and it’s great when it works—but when it doesn’t, it can be a nightmare. In a retail environment bugs and glitches need to be addressed promptly, and once they start appearing, they often happen more frequently. This will cost you and your team precious time trying to fix them and will also impact your ability to service your customers well. With an upgraded solution that includes regular updates and high-level Australian-based support, this won’t be an issue.

2) Manual tasks are leading to more errors 

If your POS system requires lots of manual intervention, for example, updating special prices, entering customer discounts or manually processing EFTPOS due to lack of integration, the chance of human error is increased. This is especially true during busy periods when the pressure is high. The result of errors ranges from customer dissatisfaction in store to poor online reviews, which can inevitably lead to a loss of business. With an upgraded system designed to suit your needs, you can include a range of integrations that will limit or eliminate the need for manual entry, minimising the risk of errors significantly.

3) System has inefficiencies that cost you time and money

If you are working with an older POS system, chances are you’re missing out on features that will bring a whole host of efficiencies to your business. It’s amazing how much time you can save with a few small but important features integrated into your POS. If your system is unreliable, running slowly or crashing regularly, it will cause unnecessary headaches and inefficiencies for you and your team and is a sure sign your POS is becoming a hindrance to the growth and success of your business.

4) You’re ready for ecommerce but your POS is not

If you’re ready to launch an online store, or are already running one, having full integration with your POS is a game changer. If you upgrade to a new POS you have the chance to include a whole host of useful features and integrations that will greatly enhance the online experience for both your customers and your staff. The ability to sync pricing, have online orders automatically entered and freight calculated without manual intervention is really a must when it comes to delivering the seamless online shopping experience that today’s customers expect.

5) You lack critical data for growth

These days, we expect much more from a POS than simply processing sales and managing stock—the best systems have a host of reporting capabilities that are really useful too. When you have the ability to quickly and easily extract key data that helps you analyse what’s working and what’s not, it puts you in a position to adapt and be agile to meet the changing needs of the business. You also have the information you need to create effective business plans and strategies to increase sales and grow your profits, taking the business to the next level.

Don’t risk getting left behind

With increased competition both instore and online, to survive and thrive you need a modern POS that can handle more than just the basic capabilities. Your POS should make life easier on both the shopfloor and in the back office, allowing you to run, implement and track the success of everything from your instore and online sales to your loyalty club and marketing campaigns.

So don’t risk getting left behind—contact our friendly team to find out about your options and take the first steps today!