About The Univex Group

The Univex Group commenced operations in Melbourne in 1979 and now operates across Australia and New Zealand with a branch in the USA and customers in the UK and Europe. The Group specialises in providing unique, efficient, cost effective solutions that are demonstrably ahead of the competition. Led by a multidisciplinary team of Australian engineers and scientists, The Univex Group succeeds through dedication to excellence in consistently producing great outcomes for its customers.

Our design concept?  SYSTEMS THAT WORK FOR YOU!


Commitment to Small and Medium Business

Over the past fifteen years The Univex Group has demonstrated its commitment to small and medium business by developing integrated, industry-specific business packages. Products such as Univex Business, Univex i-PoS, and Univex Botanica are now success stories. Univex Botanica is now installed in leading nurseries in Australia and New Zealand. The entire product range is being promoted in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA and Canada.

This strong commitment is further demonstrated through the development of integrated marketing, promotion, and e-Commerce solutions. Smaller business can now compete with the tools and processes once reserved for large businesses.