My Impressions of Retail Week 2018

#InsideRetailLive #FestivalofRetailIdeas Retail Week #RWL2018 recently wrapped up its festival of all things retail. I was there to check things out. Whilst Retail Week had a number of activities on around Melbourne - summits, training, and other events, they were more appropriate for big business and industry leaders. You, know, the Big thinking type folk from the big end of town. What Worked for Me For smaller independent retailers the value was to be found at [...]

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Tips for Hiring Top Retail Talent – Stage 2 –A Guide to Interviewing and Assessing Candidates

In the previous post we shared tips for Hiring Top Retail Talent – Stage 1 – Talent Recruitment.  But, we all know, that finding candidates isn’t enough, when then need to interview them and assess their fit with the role and our business. So, when it comes to candidate assessment and interviewing, how can we give ourselves the best chance of identifying the best retail associates for us? Here are a few considerations for [...]

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6 Tips for Hiring Top Retail Talent – Stage 1 – Talent Recruitment

We all want Superstars working on our team. But star-spotting isn’t necessarily a skill we come by easily.So, how can we give ourselves the best chance at hiring the best retail associates for our stores and our business?Here are some tips for doing exactly that!You may or may not have gone through the exercise of developing a “customer persona”, a profile of your typical/ideal customer – demographics, habits, patterns, needs, expectations, etc.  If you haven’t [...]

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What Customers Dislike Most About Shopping?

Is it long lines at the check out? Or, maybe it’s being ignored when they walk through the door.  Or, do you think that it’s rude staff that customer’s dislike the most? Here’s the quick answer.  Customers dislike ANYTHING that detracts from a pleasant shopping experience. They can turn from happy customer into furious creatures right before your very eyes! Getting a shopper’s back up can start way before they even enter the store.  [...]

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12 Reasons Your Next Retail Location Choice Should be Online

Faster and more affordable technology, mobile phones in almost every shopper’s hands, increased online research and “showrooming” retail buyer behaviours, the appearance of e-commerce giants like Amazon, the increased cost of real estate, a faster and more efficient supply chain, and the rise of easy to use yet powerful ecommerce software are all recent trends that have driven more and more entrepreneurial retailers like you to look to ecommerce to take their stores online [...]

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Love Is In The Air – How Can You Best Maximise Valentine’s Day Sales Potential?

From a last year’s article on, some of the stats surrounding Valentine’s Day expenditures may make your heart skip a beat! How much can mass-produced romanticism muster? $253 million! Australian couples are willing to fork out a significant amount of cash to properly celebrate the commercially cultural, cute and sometimes corny Valentine's Day, according to new research. A study by found Aussies who recently married in the last five years are [...]

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