Digital Signage

Univex Digital SignageIn-store digital promotions are now available and affordable with the Univex Digital Signage System. You can display promotional material, to informational slides, cafe and restaurant menus, videos and more. An easy to use calendar-like scheduling system lets you see all your screens and programs at a glance. An in-built content editor means you can update material very quickly, such as adjusting the specials of the day in a cafe as meal availability changes during service.

Digital signage can be used throughout a retail business from small customer displays at the Point of Sale, kiosks and information points, through to large flat screen displays or projections to capture a greater audience.

The unique content distribution system that Univex has developed eliminates complicated and expensive hardware installations, and in many cases eliminates the need to retrofit data cables. Univex supplies a complete system including hardware, software, installation, training, and ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your investment.