Univex e-Commerce System

Online Shop e-commerceWhether you run a bricks-and-mortar retail store, a wholesaler warehouse, or are purely online, a Univex e-Commerce system can transform your business and attract new customers in. Developed from the ground up the Univex e-Commerce system was specifically designed to fulfil online shopping needs both now and in to the future. An easy to use Content Management System (CMS) gives you the ability to control your own content and update it whenever you want. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) facilities help enhance the value of each page. Online shopping provides another outlet for you to display your product range and introduce new customers to it.

If you sell off-line out of a store or warehouse you only need to maintain one product database. As you enter products in to the Univex Back Office they are automatically transferred to the web site within seconds. Unlike other e-Commerce solutions tacked on to inventory programs, the Univex system ensures there is no double handling of data entry. This saves incredible amounts of time. When sales are completed online they come straight down to the Univex Back Office and again, do not need manual data entry.

The e-Commerce system is also connected Univex Mail – an email marketing system – to ensure customers never miss an update from you. New customers are captured for email followups and newsletters, but they also can manage their email preferences directly on the web site. Manual maintenance of customer lists is a thing of the past.

The simplicity, ease of use and affordability of a Univex e-Commerce system gives even small retailers the opportunity to have a significant online presence and grow in to new markets.


Case Study – Kings Plant Barn

Kings Plant Barn LtdKings Plant Barn in Auckland, New Zealand, had a minimal functionality web site for many years. After installing a Univex Retail system in 2007 and having great success from it there was then a need to enhance customers’ online experience. Since the product and customer data was already present for in-store operations the process of establishing a web site was not complex nor difficult. Univex support staff took the existing data and linked it to the e-Commerce system. In a short period of time Kings had the ability not only to display its product range online, but also take orders and collect payments from customers unable to visit in store. This has opened markets beyond Auckland that would not have been possible before. Over time more sophisticated marketing functionality has been included to create an online experience that their competitors simply can not match.