Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Joint Venture PartnershipsThe Univex Group is actively seeking Joint Venture partners in four areas:

  • Jointly owned local support dealerships
  • Regional Marketing & Distribution in Australia, New Zealand, U.K., U.S.A. and Canada
  • Product Development
  • Corporate Development

Jointly owned Univex Systems dealerships form an important part of the group’s support network. They respond to the requirements of computer and/or communications users who require advice, support, hardware or software.

Regional Marketing and Distribution JV partners require expertise to support marketing, sales and distribution in their area.

Product Development JV partners could be an investor, an end user requiring a product, or an inventor with an under-developed new product.

Corporate and infrastructure development partners will be an investor.


We encourage prospective partners to contact us using the form below so that we can make contact and explore the opportunities together.

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