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Meet The Univex Team

Paul Filmer BSci/BEng, MBA
Paul Filmer BSci/BEng, MBAManaging Director
Secret superpower: I can look at and memorise a map in seconds.
What I do: I make sure everyone is happy and productive: customers and staff alike.
Tim Barned DipIT, MEng
Tim Barned DipIT, MEngSupport and System Administration
Secret superpower: I can read the paper from upside down
What I do: I handle customer support and take care of our network and servers
Shiran Ekanayake BSc, MIT
Shiran Ekanayake BSc, MITSoftware Development
Secret superpower: Can sing songs to melodies of other songs.
What I do: I develop software and web solutions to make customer’s life easy.
Baoyun Chen BEng
Baoyun Chen BEngSoftware Development
Secret superpower: I can laugh at not-funny stuff.
What I do: Writing code and building websites for clients.
Vernard Alexis Luz B.S.I.T.
Vernard Alexis Luz B.S.I.T.Software Development
Secret superpower: I can turn a 1,000 peso bill into a 500 peso bill… but I can’t turn it back.
What I do: I write code to make our eCommerce web application do cool stuff.
Ella Ubaldo B.S. Architecture
Ella Ubaldo B.S. ArchitectureMarketing
Secret superpower: I can move a ligament in my knuckle and it looks like a worm.
What I do: I create marketing strategies for both digital and traditional channels.

Want to Join Us?

We value honesty, kindness, and results from our staff. Superpowers are a bonus! If you think you fit the bill, or just want to find out more about the opportunities available, please get in contact.

We’re always on the lookout for great people in these areas:

  • Customer support

  • Graphic design

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Network and system administration

  • Sales and customer relationship management

  • Software, electronic and other product development

  • Web and online design

Contact us using the form below and let us know

  • Your secret superpower

  • What you do

  • Why you’d like to be part of the Univex team