Meet The Univex Team

Paul Filmer BSci/BEng, MBA
Paul Filmer BSci/BEng, MBAManaging Director
Secret superpower: I can look at and memorise a map in seconds.
What I do: I make sure everyone is happy and productive: customers and staff alike.
Brad Kinsella BSci
Brad Kinsella BSciSystem Specialist
Secret superpower: Take an interest in almost any topic.
What I do: Provide support and assistance for customers.
John Negrepontis BBus.
John Negrepontis BBus.System Specialist
Secret superpower: Love learning about Science & Astronomy – Can remember every Mech in the Original BattleTech game…
What I do: Support and assist our customers and do a little software/web development.
Baoyun Chen BEng
Baoyun Chen BEngSoftware Development
Secret superpower: I can laugh at not-funny stuff.
What I do: Writing code and building websites for clients.
Richard Tamala Jr
Richard Tamala JrSoftware Developer
Secret superpower: Can eat a large pizza alone.
What I do: I provide web solutions thru codes and smiles.
Daniel Williams BSci/BGames
Daniel Williams BSci/BGamesSoftware Developer
Secret superpower: Time travelling through activity immersion.
What I do: Web, Mobile, Desktop? Sign me up.