Online Marketing Systems

These days you need more than just a web site. You need a system that can capture new customers, engage existing customers, and one that will convert to sales. Complementing the Univex Point of Sale and Backoffice systems are online and email tools designed to get results. These include:

Email Marketing

Univex Mail is a bulk email system that can support hundreds of thousands of subscribers. A visual email editor takes email templates where you simply ‘fill in the gaps’ to produce a consistent, attractive, and results-driven marketing campaign. For more information see Univex Mail where the system is described in further detail.

Online internet marketing

Purchase Triggered Campaigns

Purchase Triggered Campaigns personalise your email marketing campaigns with information and promotions reflecting your customers’ purchasing history. This is an automated system that enhances the customer’s experience and provides context to the promotional material you send them. The flexibility of campaigns makes it suitable in a variety of environments such as product care, service information, tips for use, or a simple thank you message for their loyalty.

Promotional Pricing

No longer will your customers guess whether to buy online or visit a store. Product pricing applies throughout all sales channels, with the flexibility to have store-only or online-only specials as the need arises. Special pricing is highlighted for visitors to the Univex e-Commerce system and automatically calculated as products are added to the shopping cart. Furthermore coupon or promotional codes can be used to give exclusivity to offers and track conversions from channels of distribution.

Special Campaigns

The Univex support and software development staff are happy to help out with special campaigns to identify particular customer segments and communicate out an offer. You can encourage customers who have not visited recently to come back, or perhaps entice loyal customers to come back more frequently. We can guide you through the process of creating these groups of customers, communicating to them, and tracking results.