Do you listen to podcasts?

Do you even know what one is?

A podcast is “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”

Think of it like an on-demand radio service.

Podcasts are available on just about any topic that any person might find interesting. They’re a global phenomenon and while their listenership continues to grow, according to Wikipedia, “Podcasting, first known as “audioblogging”, has its roots dating back to the 1980s. With the advent of broadband internet and portable digital audio playback devices such as the iPod, podcasting began to catch hold in late 2004.”

From the blog of strategists, SCM, here are a few recent stats about Australian podcasting that may surprise you:

Stats from this article.

Podcast Listening Grew 23% Between 2015 and 2016

So, more and more people are embracing the value that the podcast delivers.

64% of podcasts are being listened to on a smartphone or tablet

So, access and availability has never been easier – don’t we all have one of these? (Usually in our pocket)

Mainstream media has jumped onto podcasts

Meaning, they know they’re losing audience to them so they’ve embraced the technology to help stop the audience shrinkage.

Non-radio Australian podcast delivers approx. 100,000 downloads per episode

So, Australian content is achieving some serious reach.

Great podcasts can lead to great business outcomes 

(Side note- this can be for both the podcaster who’s sharing their knowledge and gaining leads, as well as, the listener who’s learning and improving their business results with their new-found knowledge.)

This is my favourite observation as it demonstrates the ultimate win-win and shows that sharing and community is good for all those involved.

So, have we sold you on the value of the humble podcast?

There are many out there that are packed with tips, hints, stories, ideas, suggestions, cautions and advice for you as a retailer.

If you’re looking to experiment with a retail-focused podcast you may want to explore these:

  1. Total Retail
  2. Retail Propeller
  3. Retail Sound Bites
  4. Innovative Retail Technologies
  5. ECommerceFuel
  6. Reality Retail Revolution
  7. Retail Nightmares
  8. Mixergy
  9. Ecommerce
  10. Innovative Retail Technologies
  11. Jason & Scott Show

And if your interests are more general in nature and you’re more interested in some local Australian small business focused podcasts, you may want to check out these gems:

  1. James Schramko’s Superfast Business
  2. Tim Reid’s Small Business Big Marketing show
  3. Small Business Lifestyle by Flying solonline business

Podcast listening can be a great way to leverage that time in the gym, taking the dog for a walk, commuting, or just driving. They are easy to dip into and out of and they always offer a variety of perspectives, which is sometime a challenge to receive when you’re a solopreneur and business owner.

If you haven’t tried them before now, maybe this is your time. All you need is a mobile device and some ear buds and you’re off on the road to listening and learning.

Here are some helpful videos for getting started with podcasts:

How to Subscribe to a Podcast

And, this short video answers the question, “How do I listen to podcasts?”

Or, maybe you’ve been a listener for a while now.

If so, have you found a great podcast?  Share it here – we’d love to know about it too!

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