Univex retail software provides a full suite of retail solutions. We cover you across the full spectrum of retail functions including point of sale, loyalty, inventory, e-commerce and connecting multiple stores and multiple websites.

Retail Express is also a popular software choice amongst discerning retailers. It is a cut above most other offerings and a great choice for many retailers.

Each of our products have particular strengths, but neither option is a one-size-fits-all proposition. Chances are, we’re a good fit for your retail business, so let’s take a quick look at how we compare:

Side-by-Side Comparison

Data stored Cloud On premises
Resilience to internet outages Some Fully
Backups you can access None On premises AND cloud
Country of Origin Australia Australia
Support 9am-5pm Weekdays. No after-hours  or weekend support. 8am – 8pm 7 days, with extended support options available.
Support delivered from Australia Australia
Service breadth Software only One stop shop: software, hardware, website, email, consumables, custom programming and general IT advice.
e-Commerce Integrations High High
Visual appeal High Moderate
Speed Moderate Fast
Customisations Not Available Available
Suite of tools and features Narrow Broad
Platforms Computer, tablet, phone Computer
Installation cost Moderate Low
Monthly price Cheap Moderate


As you can see, Retail Express is great if you need a modern-looking, simple POS and Backoffice that has potential for multiple stores. Being a cloud based solution has some pros and cons. But you’ll want to be comfortable getting your data across to their system, handling after hours challenges yourself, and forgo any opportunity to customise the software to your unique business needs. Retail Express is a mass-market solution that suits some businesses, but not all.

At Univex, it’s not about offering a cloud-only solution or the cheapest option.

It’s about working together at a personal level with a staff passionate about retail.

It’s about providing a robust system that effortlessly handles large transaction volumes for our customers in busy retail environments including garden centres and supermarkets.

And it’s about having somebody there when you need it, whether that’s for support, or tailoring the system to your needs.


Retail Express is the better choice if…

  • You have an existing IT team who can help connect everything together for you
  • You need a cheaper system that does a lot more than simple cash registers
  • Running your business on a phone or tablet is essential
  • You frequently expand and contract stores, such as pop-us and markets
  • Your transaction volume is under 100 sales per store per day
Univex is the better choice if…

  • Your transaction volume is over 100 sales per store per day, or speed at the checkout is paramount
  • Your shop operates 7 days a week and you rely on fast, responsive support
  • You have over 1000 SKUs, and/or complex inventory problems to solve
  • You need a team who will make everything work together, seamlessly
  • You want a customisable system that can evolve with your business needs

Get In Touch

If you think Univex a good fit to enhance your business, we’d love to hear from you on 1800 864 839 (NZ: 800 864 839) or book a discovery session today at https://www.univex.com/meet where we can learn more about your business and how we might be able to help.

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