Retail Loyalty Systems

The Univex Retail System includes a number of loyalty facilities to automate club memberships and benefits, provide accurate and useful analysis, and help your staff deliver consistent results.

Kings Loyalty CardClubs

Everyone wants to feel like they are part of a community or a special group. In retail that is no different. Customers in the Univex system can be members of a club which provide immense control and flexibility over how loyalty benefits are issued and later measuring performance. Whether you have a single loyalty club or many, Univex supports any number of customer clubs. Members can also be members in multiple clubs so that niches can be carved out and offered exclusive discounts and promotions. Much of the Retail Marketing facilities can target members of specific clubs, including a tiered system that supports promotion from one membership level to another. Expiries, membership charges, and renewals at the Point of Sale are all possible. Once set up the running of the club is automated so you will be issuing discounts consistently, rather than at the discretion of operators.

Membership Cards

From plastic cards to keyring toggles Univex designs and sells high quality, full colour, barcoded membership cards at a competitive price. Our cards are durable and withstand heavy abuse and water without fading, peeling, or print scratching off. Gift cards and holders (such as wallets or pouches) of the same quality are also available.


Part of the Univex Retail Reporting System, sales, analysis, customer listings and more give you the data you need to make intelligent business decisions and track performance. Specialist analysis and metrics tools track repeat customers, frequency of visits, and spend amounts. Combined with our sophisticated marketing tools you can target campaigns to loyal customers to enhance their experience, or make contact with customers who have not come back and entice them to return.

Loyalty Points

More than just a points-per-dollar scheme, you can engineer different loyalty points across ranges of products to ensure low-margin or sale items are excluded, whilst other items attract bonus points. Different loyalty clubs can attract different point rates to give your most loyal customers premium benefits. Points can accumulate until a customer decides to redeem them or can be redeemed automatically at the time of sale. Customers can even check their points balance online or see this in their regular email newsletter sent through Univex Mail.

Purchase Triggered Campaigns

Purchase Triggered Campaigns

Purchase Triggered Campaigns are a component of the Retail Marketing toolset and are designed to enhance loyalty by giving the customer information about the products they purchased. This starts at the POS with information printed on the receipt about their purchases that day, and follows with a series of automated emails with product care, service, and usage information. These emails are embedded in the regular email newsletter so as not to bombard readers with extra emails and also give a personal touch to the communication.

Discount Vouchers

Discount vouchers are dollar or percent-off coupons printed at the Point of Sale against a customer’s purchase. Different rates can be awarded to different loyalty clubs or classes of customer, even on different days of the week such as for a Seniors’ or Pensioners’ day. Discount vouchers can also be combined with loyalty points to redeem points to a voucher that customers can hold, touch, and experience.