Retail Marketing Systems

The Univex Point of Sale, Backoffice, and Online suite of software provides some of the most sophisticated and effective marketing, promotion, and loyalty systems available to retailers. Systems that were once only available in expensive packages that only big business could afford are now packaged as part of the standard Univex business management software. Some of these systems include:

Email Marketing

The Univex retail system fully integrates in to Univex Mail, a bulk email system that can support hundreds of thousands of subscribers. A visual email editor takes email templates where you simply ‘fill in the gaps’ to produce a consistent, attractive, and results-driven marketing campaign. For more information see Univex Mail where the system is described in further detail.

Discount Voucher

Discount Vouchers

First released in 2003 the Univex Discount Voucher system has been imitated by others but never bettered. Vouchers are automatically issued at the Point of Sale to the customers you choose at a rate you decide. Percentage or dollar discounts, based on spend amount, day of week, or the type of customer (public or loyalty member), give you control over discounts instead of leaving up to the operator’s discretion. Refunds of goods can void and adjust the vouchers to prevent abuse. Sophisticated analysis can be performed in the Backoffice reporting system to track the performance of vouchers returned, their gain, and the liability of vouchers yet to be redeemed.

Purchase Triggered Campaigns

Purchase Triggered Campaigns give your customers an enhanced, personalised experience when shopping at your store. When they purchase particular products the campaign starts with personalised messages on their receipt. This then flows in to Email Marketing campaigns where purchase-sensitive snippets of text and graphics are inserted in to the customer’s regular email newsletter. This is an automated system that enhances the customer’s experience and provides context to the promotional material you send them. The flexibility of campaigns makes it suitable in a variety of environments such as product care, service information, tips for use, or a simple thank you message for their loyalty.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Univex retail system has been used by organisations with over one million customers on file. This gives you the confidence that as your business grows the IT infrastructure underneath can support you. The Univex system retains detailed customer records with multiple addresses and contacts, various pricing, discounting and loyalty attributes. A simple but powerful segmenting system can sort customers in to ranges which are then used for reporting filters, bulk email filters, promotions and loyalty functions. Transactional emails such as invoices and statements can be automatically emailed to account customers reducing paper usage, providing another opportunity for marketing, and improving debt collection efficiency.

Univex Promotional PricingPromotional Pricing

Arguably the most flexible of its kind, the Univex promotional pricing system provides hundreds of permutations of sale pricing to fit any retail environment. Percentage or dollar discount, single or a range of products, store-wide percent-off sales, member-only specials, exclusions and inclusions to ranges of customers, buy-one-get-one-free style sales, and dozens more options are available at your fingertips. Entire catalogues can be set up months in advance and new pricing takes effect the minute you chose it to, and revert to standard pricing just the same. Specials are highlighted on the POS screen for ease of identification. This carries through to the e-Commerce web site to ensure online customers see exactly the same pricing as in-store. Best of all any promotional scheme can produce beautiful and consistent in-store signage at the click of a print button.


Knowing the system is there is one thing, but using them effectively is another. That’s where the team at Univex can help. With a Univex system you don’t just get the software, you get a team able and willing to help make your business better. We have experience in using these loyalty systems across a variety of retail niches and sizes and can recommend an effective course of action to maximize results.