Retail Reporting Systems

Univex Sales Summary ReportIn a modern retail environment an incredible amount of data is captured at the Point of Sale that can and should be used to make intelligent business decisions. More than just a method to extracting data, the Univex reporting systems produce meaningful information and presented in easy-to-understand formats. Sales and purchasing analysis, performance reports of promotional and discounting schemes, right through to graphical click-and-explore business intelligence and charting systems are at your fingertips.

Comprehensive filtering mechanisms can narrow down investigations to a suitably concise report. Reports can also be exported to a variety of formats including text files and Excel, or even sent straight to an email recipient as a PDF file.

Our new online browser-based reporting engine is bringing even more flexibility with the ability to customise what data is retrieved, sort and group in any way imaginable. You can even schedule reports for automatic generation and emailing.

Business Intelligence

The Univex Reporting system also interfaces to a commercial business intelligence package to provide free and powerful visualisation tools. Data can be sorted and filtered instantly, even over years of transactions, giving you an edge in identifying long term trends and patterns. Data can be drilled down immediately to inspect particular dates, products, or anomolies, and just as easily be zoomed back out to see the bigger picture. This specialist reporting system is provided free to all Univex Business customers.