Univex ChonoLogical Time & Attendance

Developed to meet the demanding environmental needs of factories and hospitality, with the simplicity and sleekness suitable for an office environment, Univex ChronoLogical is a Time & Attendance system your staff will love. Capable of handling hundreds of staff ChronoLogical will support your business as it grows in size. Multiple modes gives you flexibility for machine or job shops, as well as traditional staff time sheets. In-built battery backup ensures staff can still clock off if power goes down. Never receive an excuse again for staff not clocking on or off! Accurate timekeeping and flexible adjustments eliminates all doubt as to staff shifts, and data is downloaded straight in to the Univex Back Office from your own desk. Output to factory bells and ringers can sound shifts and meals exactly on time.

Univex ChronoLogical Time and AttendanceWith support for thousands of award and payroll rules the ChronoLogical system supports even the most demanding of enterprise agreements including:

  • Overtime
  • Holidays
  • Meals
  • Cribs
  • Higher duty allowances
  • Set shifts
  • Salaries, hourly wages, and contractors
  • Allowances and deductions
  • Any number of pay rates, employee positions and classifications

Output to many popular payroll packages is available including MYOB, Quicken, Wage Easy, Attache, MicroPay, Ace Payroll, as well as Excel sheets and delimited files. If we don’t have your interface available we will build it for you, free of charge!

Software ChronoLogical

Available on its own, or in conjunction with the hardware ChronoLogical system, you can run time sheets on a computer. This suits lower-volume office environments where a lower-cost option is desired. Also available is Point of Sale integration for a retail environment. Staff can clock on and off from the Point of Sale as they enter or leave the shop.

However large or small your business you could benefit from automated Time & Attendance. Contact Univex today to find more.