Univex Mail

Univex Mail bulk e-mail marketing

Univex Mail is our online bulk e-mail marketing system, designed to handle bulk email for hundreds of thousands of emails a month, but simple enough for a small business operator to use.

Email Design

Whether you wish to design yourself, or use Univex’s online design services, Univex Mail supports templates so that you can deliver a consistent result every mail out. All you need to do is fill in the gaps!


If you have subscribers with various interests and preferences the Univex Mail system can handle that with ease. Simply tick the groups of subscribers who should get the email and send! Want to send to a few more people later? no problem. Just include them and they will be sent the email as well. The system is designed not to send the same email to the same person twice.


Sending an email out is one thing, but how many people read it? Univex Mail tracks delivery and open rates, plus click-throughs to your web site. At all times you can assess how well a campaign is working and effortlessly compare results between campaigns.

Purchase Triggered Campaigns

Fully integrated to our retail marketing system, Univex Mail works with Purchase Triggered Campaigns to deliver customised newsletters to subscribers. Don’t bombard your customers with unnecessary emails! Use our marketing systems to automate a newsletter and provide useful information to the reader.

These and many more features are available in the Univex Mail system. We can also connect to other databases such as Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), marketing systems, and web sites. Whether you want to run Univex Mail integrated to other Univex solutions, or standalone, you can deliver your message to your customers with confidence.