Univex Business Back Office for Wholesale

Univex Business is your complete data management system. A system with over 15 years of development shows its strength with consistency and comprehensiveness to tackle almost any retail environment. We don’t just build software, we use it ourselves, and are constantly visiting customers to observe and learn how we can make it even better. Just a sample of the facilities include…


Ordering, invoicing, credit requests and returns, in multiple currencies, in different units of measure to selling, and in kits or bills of material that are split up or combined for selling. However complex your purchasing function is Univex Business can handle it.

Univex Purchase Order ManagementAutomated Ordering

Automatic tracking of sales and purchase order creation with numerous methods to calculating order quantities. You can even automatically email orders out to ensure your warehouse never runs dry! Numerous interfaces (‘EDIs’) are available to electronically talk with your supplier to send orders, receive invoices and product updates. If Univex does not have your supplier’s EDI we will build it for you. That’s the commitment Univex is giving to help streamline your operations and improve efficiency.


Univex Business will perform for you and help ensure the right product is being sold to the right customer at the right price. Numerous options give you confidence that customers on special pricing schemes are accounted for correctly, regardless of the operator. If you are selling in bulk then Univex can apply quantity break discounts and sell in different configurations such as cartons, layers, and pallets.


Have your customers order directly online, saving you the time to re-key orders and potentially make mistakes. Customers see their pricing and order in the unit configuration (such as cartons, or layers) that you specify. Pricing for bulk buys also applies. You can read up more about the Univex e-Commerce facilities here.


Univex Business has a unique and powerfully simple fulfillment system to meet the demands of busy resellers. You will see at a glance where bottlenecks in fulfillment are forming so you can confidently make decisions where to allocate more resources. Dispatching is painless with links to shipping companies, automatic labelling, tracking codes and email confirmations to customers.


Whether you have no warehouse, one warehouse, or stock stored in multiple locations, a Univex system can handle your business’ complexity. You can keep track of goods and relocate them between locations easily. You will never have to run out back to check stock because the locations and quantities on hand will be at your fingertips.

Serial Numbers

Selling electronics, appliances, computer equipment or other serial numbered items? Univex will track them as they arrive from your supplier, sit in your warehouse, and leave to a customer. Never let another product leave the door without its serial number being recorded!

Datalogic F725 RF Barcode ScannerScanning

Batch and real-time scanners are supported that can be used not only for stocktaking but creating and verifying purchase and sales orders. Univex supplies the scanners, indeed all hardware, so you know that the equipment will work and you have experts on hand to help set up and support your infrastructure.


Univex supports stocktaking while doors are open and adjusts for incoming and sold goods accordingly.  Save overtime by keeping staff in the warehouse and counting while trading. When it comes to counting you can scan pallets, cartons or units and the Univex program will do the math to calculate your total on hand stock for the item.


Univex Business contains a fully integrated accounting system with general ledger, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting. No need to learn and maintain more than one system when Univex Business can do it all for you.


A vast array of reporting, analysis and business intelligence facilities are available. For more information read about it in Wholesale Reporting Systems.