Welcome to Univex

Our Mission

Here at Univex we are on a Mission to deliver the software solutions with superior service that retailers need to manage, grow, and evolve their business.

From point of sale (POS) to retail management software, and e-commerce solutions, we provide retailers with the software solutions they require to meet the needs of both front and back of house. These solutions are comprehensive enough to manage and refine their current day-to-day retail operations yet flexible and powerful enough to help them grow in the future.

But it’s our unparalleled customer service sets us apart. We’re accessible and customers say that dealing with us is easy, fast and efficient. We deliver software solutions that are enriched by an ongoing commitment to creating a positive customer experience from pre-sale to post and every step in between. We’re not just here to solve today’s problems but we’re committed to helping you realise ongoing value from your system

Our software can help you refine and improve your processes, saving you both time and money. They can ensure that checks and balances are built in so the occurrence of costly errors. They can provide you with immediate and useful information so that you are able to make business decisions based on facts, not just gut feel.

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We Offer Our Customers A Total Solution

We provide a total retail solution, not just software.

We start with reliable Point of Sale, Back Office, and e-Commerce software, then add the hardware, consumables, and other services to complement and enhance our core product offering. We wrap it up by providing unrelenting post-sales service that is the best in the industry.

When you choose Univex your solution includes everything you need to take your business to the next level – Software, Services, Solutions, and Support!

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We’re Proud of Our Aussie Heritage

The Univex Group is a wholly Australian owned and operated company that has been servicing businesses in the Australasian region for over 40 years.

We focus on a number of key retail specialties, including:

  • Garden Centres

  • Supermarkets

  • Electrical Suppliers

  • Hospitality and Kitchen supplies

  • Giftware

Plus we are adding new specialty retailers to our satisfied client list all the time.

As the retail industry evolves, our software solutions will evolve right along with it, helping the retailers of today remain relevant tomorrow.

Our post-sales service is where you’ll see our true blue,  fair dinkum Aussie commitment. Univex customers are serviced by passionate local experts who don’t consider the job to be complete until customers are happy and they see value in our offering.

And they do.

This is why our customers are just a little bit in love with us. We are truly committed to providing them unparalleled service, and always being there, supporting them in creating and maintaining their ongoing success.

So, if this is the sort of partner you want to grow old with, contact us today.

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