Univex i-PoS Intelligent Point of Sale

The Univex Point of Sale, i-PoS, is more than just a cash register running on a computer. It is an ergonomic, easy to use, marketing system designed to meet the needs of modern retailers both large and small. Univex provides unbeatable support and training to ensure a great outcome is achieved. Just a sample of the features and benefits include:


Touch Screen POS


Automated, easy to set up loyalty systems help reward your customers consistently and effectively. Specific loyalty functions available in all Univex retail systems are presented here.


From messages on receipts to capturing email addresses and building a mailing list, we have all the touchpoints covered to ensure a complete and consistent message is presented to the customers at all times. You won’t miss any opportunity to promote your shop to your customers. Read more on the marketing facilities available…

Integrated EFTPOS

A number of EFTPOS interfaces are available including PC-EFTPOS, Tyro, Vault, Nitro and Smartpay. Don’t let your staff mistype another charge card amount again!

Credit card surcharges

Different cards with different rates and rules. We have them covered to ensure you don’t lose profit on credit card sales.

Customer and debtor accounts

Club customers and account customers are easily located by name, phone number or barcode. Secure restrictions on credit ensure you will never have debtors get out of hand and over their balance.

Touch Screen POS PLUGift voucher, layby, special order, deliveries and other specialty accounts

Numerous gift voucher and gift card facilities are available to fit your desired model. Laybys with optional automatic establishment and cancellation fees and multiple receipt copies help organise your stock on hold. Special orders for products, even if they aren’t in your catalogue, are taken with ease. Deliveries both pre-paid and Cash-On-Delivery are there for bulky goods. The consistent interface between all these specialty accounts makes training on the PoS a breeze so you can get new staff up and running within minutes.

Advanced stock searching and multi-store querying

Barcode, product codes, descriptions, even if misspelt help find products quickly so that you can spend more time helping your customers. For multi-store systems you can check stock at nearby stores, even issue an order directly from the POS to bring the goods across from the other branch. Less paperwork and faster response makes for happier customers and smoother operations.

Style, Colour, Size and Material

Comprehensive support for clothing and footware style-colour-size combinations and checking stock. Where further refinement is required another dimension is provided for material, such as with furniture coverings. You won’t need to run back and check the warehouse because the information is available at the POS at all times.

Univex i-POS Receipt

Great looking receipts

Customisable messages and logos on an easy-to-read and attractive receipt give you one more opportunity to present your business to your customer and enhance their experience after they leave your store.

Integrated Time and Attendance

The Univex ChronoLogical Time and Attendance system has a module built in to the POS, allowing staff to clock on and off directly from the POS terminal. No more messing about with hand written time sheets or inaccurate recording of shifts. Staff must be physically present at the store to clock in and out.

Control over discounts and price markdowns

Don’t let money walk out the door – set up your POS to limit discounting and repricing options. Finer grained controls let you limit particular operators to discounts, and even maintain minimum margins right down to individual products. Safe discounting prevents products being sold below cost.

Consistent pricing with online store

Running a Univex web site with e-Commerce? Prices and promotions are consistent between your bricks-and-mortar store and your online catalogues. Never have customers guessing or comparing prices, seeing different descriptions or images. You maintain one product database that is shared amongst all channels, saving time and money.

Serial Numbers

Electronics, appliances, and other serial-numbered products are automatically tracked through the system. You can even print your own serial numbers out if the manufacturer does not do so! You can control the returns of goods to ensure the ones you originally supplied are the ones coming back. Never lose track of inventory again!

Left Hand Right Hand POS ConfigurationTouch and keyboard interfaces

The POS can operate with either a keyboard or a touch screen interface, letting you select the most appropriate one for your environment. Touch screens can operate in left- and right-handed modes, for taller or shorter people, making it the most ergonomic POS on the market. Your staff will love you for the ease of use!

Real-time connection to backoffice

Have new stock? Need to change a price? The POS operates in real-time, across all stores and your web site. Changes are instantly applied to all terminals to ensure you are viewing the latest availability and prices of products.


Univex supplies all the hardware, networks, and expertise in a turnkey system. We know how to get the most out of a computer system and have an unbeatable track record for reliability and service. Just one phone number to call when you need help and no more blame games between vendors.

Ultimate flexibility

With literally hundreds of feature options to turn on and off a Univex i-PoS is custom-tailored to your unique operation. We work with you, not just at installation but long beyond, to get the most out of your system.