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Data Intelligence

Gain insight and the power to act on the data you generate

Designed and priced for small and medium retailers who need an easy to use, but comprehensive intelligence system.

Univex helps drive profit to your business

Integrated reporting and business intelligence

Increased Profits

Intelligent reporting solutions that keeps your finger on the pulse of what is and isn’t working in your business, so that you can adapt quicker than your competition. Automatic business intelligence integration ensures you always have figures available and do not need to mess about in spreadsheets.

Benefits you can rely on

Store by Store

Centralised dashboard view of all stores performance with ability to dig deep into data

External Influences

Feed in external influences to track trends relative to sales

Performance Drivers

Monitor all key performance drivers of your business to get the most out of its performance

Insight Management

Gain big data insights to help you make the little decisions that build sales and profit


Let us investigate performance issues and provide helpful plans to solve problems

Graphs & Charts

Easy to read graphs and charts to help you understand your business quickly


Have the key data for your business’ performance presented

Data Management

Calculations in the cloud with no data limit for exhaustive calculation capabilities

Remote Access

Access your dashboards via phone or over the internet from any location around the world

Benchmarks & Targets

Track your performance against industry benchmarks or forecasted targets


Build in triggers and alerts to notify you of any performance issues so you can focus your errorts

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