Free download: Univex Pricing Guide

Considering updating your POS but unsure where to start and how much it will cost? This pricing guide will help you understand the pricing on our tailored software packages and additional services.

Whether you’re an independent single shop, centrally managed chain or retailing warehouse, convenient pay as you go billing with no lock-in contracts makes upgrading to a smart, reliable and highly efficient POS system an affordable and worthwhile investment in growing your business.

In this free POS pricing guide you’ll learn:

  • The indicative cost of a monthly pay as you go solution, based on the size of your business, and what you will get for your investment
  • Any additional one-off costs you can expect to pay to get your new POS system and hardware up and running
  • How to fully integrate and automate your ecommerce so it is running optimally and there is no double handling, for a low monthly fee
  • Your options for upgrading hardware, and other add-on services such as remote access, antivirus and website and POS customisation.

If you’re ready to leave the headaches and hassles of an outdated and unsuitable POS behind and discover the costs for taking your business to the next level, download this free guide and take the first step today!

For busy managers who want peace of mind their store is running smoothly, our comprehensive retail system provides unmatched support, 7 days a week, that results in less frustration and more time doing the things you love.