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Univex Is Hiring A Systems Specialist

Univex is hiring for our new systems specialist role. This is your chance to join a growing business and make a difference. Join our winning team and have fun at work! We'll train you on the technology we use and help broaden your technical and problem solving skills. You'll have the opportunity to demonstrate your experience and show us a few tricks of your own. And we'll regularly treat ourselves for a fun night go-karting, [...]

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What will 2018 Hold for Your Store?

Happy New Year to you and yours! New Year’s resolutions, yearly goals, objectives, wants, desires – whatever you call them, the first week of January is a popular time to think about them. Brendon Burchard says, “If your goals don’t scare you a little bit, you’re not aiming high enough.” Let 2018 be your best year yet, even if it scares you a little! 2018 Goals What goals and objectives are you setting [...]

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The Perennial Podcast – An Enduring Resource for Retailers

Do you listen to podcasts? Do you even know what one is? A podcast is “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.” Think of it like an on-demand radio service. Podcasts are available on just about any topic that any person might find interesting. They’re a global phenomenon [...]

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The Customer Loyalty Pay Off – Part 2

In our Part I post on Loyalty programs we looked at the need for them, their benefits and risks and we began to dive into what it takes for these programs to be successful. (If you haven’t read that post yet, it might be best to do so before continuing on here). In the “steps to success” part of the post, we firstly suggested that, at a bare minimum, you:       Set some goals [...]

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The Customer Loyalty Pay Off – Part I

Even small retailers can count on the value from a great customer loyalty program. Are you aware that the top 20% of your current customers most likely contribute between 70% - 80% of your total sales? And, did you know that keeping a customer costs 3–10 times less than the expense incurred in acquiring a new one? These stats are pretty compelling. And, they make a great case for the value of loyalty [...]

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

Some retailers dread it, some are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of it, some are match the eager anticipation of a five year old. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, the holiday season makes a huge impact on most retailers and it probably will on you! If you’re like your retail compatriots, you may be happy to swap the seven swans a swimming, give up the six geese a-laying and [...]

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