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Appliances & Electrical

Want to get “plugged in” to a retail software solution that’s powerful enough to take on managing product serial numbers, custom quoting, and accurate inventrory control?

The Univex retail solution is one that will keep your business “supercharged” to meet your current needs and able to keep you powering through on into the future.

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Key Benefits

Specialist Features for Appliances & Electrical

  • Serial number and warranty tracking

  • Quoting

  • Bills of Material

  • Automated in-store signage and price tickets

  • Custom designed labels

  • Automated and flexible product reordering

  • Promotional pricing with virtually unlimited flexibility

  • Touch screen POS, Keyboard POS, or hybrid

  • Comprehensive reporting and business intelligence

  • Units of Measure

  • Integrated EFPOS

  • Discounting control

  • Multi-store ready

  • Special orders, lay bys, gift vouchers, and more