Univex Online Software

Univex Web Based Back Office SoftwareUnivex is committed to innovation and ongoing development of its products. Online Software plays a large part in that strategy. Whether it be software to manage digital signage, run e-mail lists, analyse your data, or run your entire Back Office, Univex has it covered. Multiple and mobile devices, lower investment of IT infrastructure, and accessible anywhere, Univex is changing the way you will think about running your business.

The breadth of experience Univex has in software development through to support and hosting services is helping us build a new generation of products and services that the industry needs. We are building new systems from the ground up with business continuity in mind to safeguard against internet and other communication failures. Hardware supporting multiple functions will allow you to reallocate IT resources within your business to meet immediate needs. What is being developed is not merely web-based software but entire systems designed to be cost-effective, reliable, and suitable for large enterprises to depend on to operate.

Univex Online Software is already being used in many locations with customers helping us evolve the systems to something of superior value and benefit to the industries they operate in. If you would like to be a part of this endeavour we encourage you to Contact Univex and find out how.