Warehouse Solutions

WarehouseWhether you run a small warehouse serving locals, or are an importer serving thousands nationwide, a Univex system can help fulfil your needs both now and in the future. Univex Business has been used in a variety of warehousing operations including electrical and electronics, furniture, toys, kitchenware, food and more. We actually go on site and observe customers, learning about their operations, and building the software and scanning systems that improve their operations.

We understand that pallets are split, product ends up in multiple locations, and that the sales staff can not simply walk in to the warehouse and see what is on the shelf. Accurate and fast retrieval of product data is performed in our wholesale software that can also be connected in multi-site organisations. Scanning solutions make for faster stocktaking and fulfillment duties. Batch picking is available and run sheets presented in location order to minimize the time spent on the floor retrieving stock. Automated order generation ensures your shelves remain stocked, and easy to use flags on product records prevents staff from reordering discontinued lines.

However complex or unusual your operation Univex will tailor a system to meet your particular needs, and back it up with superior support and an ongoing commitment to innovation.