Here on the Univex blog, we often look at the retail industry and share our own thoughts, ideas, and experiences of Australia’s retail landscape with you.

Why? Because this industry is important to us, as we’re sure it is to you.

We are keen to be involved in shaping its future, but like you, sometimes, we aren’t as clear about what that looks like.

We know it will include unique, passionate retailers that provide not only products, but, experiences – that’s where you come in. And, it will also require, speed, process efficiency, doing more with less, and data based strategic planning and decision-making – that’s where we come in.

The naysayers are making gloomy predictions for retail’s future; however, those in the know look at all sides and continue to see some real opportunities.

We came across this fabulous article by ABC’s Business Reporter, Daniel Ziffer, and it’s one of the most balanced and best articles we’ve seen lately, so here’s the link for you to read too!

Australian Retail by Daniel Ziffer

From the effect of online shopping, to continual record-breaking profits, to retail-tainment and finding our difference to the “China story”, Daniel looks at a number of key factors that are bound to influence the future of Australian Retail.

What do you feel will most influence the future of your retail store/chain?


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