Retail Marketing Success with Technology

All marketing activities should start with a brand model, marketing plan and marketing budget. These are all critical factors in achieving retail marketing success. To gauge success you need to track marketing results. This is where retailing software and technology can help. Key Ingredients A brand model is a guide for marketers to use. It [...]

The Customer Loyalty Pay Off – Part 2

In our Part I post on Loyalty programs we looked at the need for them, their benefits and risks and we began to dive into what it takes for these programs to be successful. (If you haven’t read that post yet, it might be best to do so before continuing on here). In [...]

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The Customer Loyalty Pay Off – Part I

Even small retailers can count on the value from a great customer loyalty program. Are you aware that the top 20% of your current customers most likely contribute between 70% - 80% of your total sales? And, did you know that keeping a customer costs 3–10 times less than the expense incurred in [...]

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